Reda with MagazziniOz


    Successori Reda S.p.A. & MagazziniOz

    The project

    Proposte created a “tailored” communication format that is a model of storytelling designed to create a unique and coherent corporate presentation with the social spirit of MagazziniOz while also creating added value for Reda.

    The mission

    Creation of a Corporate Social Responsibility project.

    The path

    Reda’s “modular” corporate presentation was developed through the eyes and narration of four young men working in an NPO or who are following its activities and projects.

    Twelve video-modules were produced in which the men, after visiting the company, give us their spontaneous point of view, capturing hidden aspects with a “naive” gaze that reveals some truths. One of them, who has a different background, is able to reconsider priorities and current values, telling the story, and hence the company, from another perspective.

    Every module is independent and can also be used alone, depending on the necessities and the target (clients, stylists, schools…) highlighting aspects that are always different.

    The result

    Reda contributed to the project by paying a year’s salary to a disabled young man at MagazziniOz. A useful presentation tool for Reda, a modular, original video where the men, after a visit to Reda establishments and offices, recount their vision of the company. A two minute promo version was shown during a meeting at the Unione Industriale in Turin and before the showing of the Claudio Bisio film “Si può fare”, in support of CasaOz.