Two dots

Who are we?

Have you ever realized that what’s most important for ourselves often comes in pairs? Our favorite things or simply the stuff that makes us who we are. Think about your hands, the sizes of your favorite LP vinyl, your brain hemispheres, the amount of the spider car’s seats you’ve always dreamed of, or the number of people you were with in the best nights of your life. We believe in this concept so much that we have adopted it to establish our way of thinking, and imagine and tell our world and your world.

Two agencies in one.

Everything here comes in pairs, like the two dots that compose our brand: all ideas feature a bit of what you expect will genuinely surprise you, a lot of what you want, and a handful of what you would have never imagined you wanted.

Fernando Pagliaro

I was born in Turin in 1968, in the midst of moments of revolutionary ferment that will be then narrated in books and movies. Since I was a kid, I have always been sure that communications was not only a matter of signs, but also a matter of words. Back in 1987, the communications world was driven by “old-school agencies”, and there were no room for “young bloods”. And in fact, with no logic reasons, with a little professional experience, Giovanni and I began our dream, opening our communications agency, Proposte, at the time an unusual communications agency, led by two “young bloods” with a different way of “thinking” and “doing”. Two different points of view to extend our horizon. Long days, sleepless nights and numerous projects have done the rest.
The following years were a continuous cycle of changes, innovations, and collaborations with small and big brands. With all these brands we have developed small and big projects. Some of these are little-big achievements.

Giovanni Carretta Pontone

Since I can remember, I have always sought out “the creativity” in everything capable to nurture my “still-in-progress” personality. In 1987, Fernando and I realized that we were on the same page on a professional standpoint, and we created Proposte, that became our future. A future ready to be filled with enthusiasm and hard work.
That’s how I started my journey in the communications world. A long journey full of experiences and satisfactions, earned with “last-gasp efforts” and all-around creativity. A journey still packed with challenges to face and goals to reach.
And every day that goes by, I realize that creativity is not only crucial to communicate a message, but it’s also the way to make sure your message is heard.