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The product

The project
Project Credibility

Product Placement

Where we started
Although Cinzano offers its customers a complete range of spumanti’s, in the eyes of the market consumption is confined to the dessert course. This is where Project Credibility comes in: to spread a new model of consumption with the purpose of making spumante an option at every moment of the meal.

The path
A multidisciplinary and integrated communication project was created to pursue this goal using various media and communicative approaches.

TV ad
Monitoring of spumanti and wine guides
Creation of the new TV format “Bollicine Sotto Torchio”

A TV programme consisting of the contamination of different genres (educational, fiction, crime, quiz-show), an appointment with a community of “experts” and “professionals” of the wine and food world. Two seasons each of ten episodes produced with “Gambero Rosso” and aired on Gambero Rosso Channel.

Creation of the project 100% Bollicine (100% Bubbles): a book, in two editions, produced in collaboration with A.I.S. (Italian Sommelier Association) and distributed as an attachment to the magazine De VINIS, targeting the 35,000 members of the A.I.S., that proposes a new way to consume spumante, combining Cinzano products and 100 recipes to reiterate how bubbles represent a perfect love match for every moment of the meal, from aperitif to dessert.


TV report: Eatparade TG 2 (TVNews)

RADIO Report: Radio Monte Carlo, Radio Capital, Radio 24, Rai Due

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